Community Association

Ottawa’s Central Park Community Association officially represents the interests of residents and homeowners in Central Park.

Ottawa’s Central Park Community Association is incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation in the province of Ontario.

Incorporation date: October 18, 1999; Supplementary letters patent August 11, 2004.
Incorporation number: 001380830

Association Activities

The Association pursues a number of activities in the community. Examples include:

  • Operation of the community web-site
  • The organizing and advertising of the annual garage sale
  • The organizing of social events, such as the 2008 Family Sports and Fun Day
  • The construction and maintenance, on behalf of the City of Ottawa, of the ice rink in Central Park
  • The Spring and Fall clean-ups of the community as part of the city’s “Clean the Capital” event
  • The upkeep of the planters at the Central Park North entrance

In addition, when necessary and appropriate, the Association consults with the community and engages with the City and other organizations on issues of concern to the whole community.

Community Donations

The Community Association has a number of fixed operating costs throughout the year, with additional costs for events such as the fun day and the garage sale event. Most of your funding comes from members like you.

To donate, fill out the form below with the Donate option selected and send us an Interac e-Transfer at and we’ll send you a notice of receipt.

Recent and ongoing projects that your donations have helped bring about include:

  • Annual Spring Clean Up
  • Welcome packages for new residents
  • Family Fun Day
  • Soccer nets for our park

Thank you very much for your support!