Soccer enthusiasts are happy to have our Central Park Soccer Field located in Celebration Park. Orange soccer nets are put up for the summer season by the Central Park Community Association for Community use. In the Spring, it is important to respect the City of Ottawa’s May 15th start date and avoid using the soccer field prior to that date to let the grass grow in fully. You will notice local Soccer Clubs reserve the field weekday evenings for scheduled league games. The Community can use the soccer field whenever available, weekdays and weekends. The green space in front of the tennis courts can also be used for practicing soccer and other activities to take some stress from overuse off the main field. A highlight is the Community soccer game that takes place during the Community Summer FunFest each year.


Beach volleyball is closer than you think!  Two volleyball sand courts are located on the Experimental Farm grounds across the street (Merivale) in the small forest patch down the gated-off road.  It is walking (or cycling) distance from Central Park.  The courts are maintained by Agriculture Canada volunteers, generally for the warm weather season from May to August.

Ice Hockey and Skating

Winter brings with it our favourite cold weather past-times – hockey and skating. The Central Park outdoor ice rink is created and maintained by volunteers, located in Celebration Park in front of the tennis courts.  Hockey nets are made available for Community use when the ice is ready. There is lighting for night time skating as well (green button on the electrical panel near the bunker) which automatically shuts off at 11:00pm. Light snow clearing and maintenance is volunteer-based so everyone pitches in! A highlight is the Community hockey game that takes place during the Community Winter FunFest each year. Ottawa has 246 outdoor ice rinks, the highest per capita in Canada.


Central Park has two tennis courts located in Celebration Park. The tennis nets are put up and taken down by the City of Ottawa, and any issues can be reported to 311. Please respect the maximum time limits when other tennis enthusiasts are waiting to play. Tennis is a fantastic part of the sports and recreation facilities available to Central Park residents. If you haven’t yet already, give it a try!

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