In 2011, with the support of the City, Ashcroft Homes, the Ottawa Horticultural Society, and a volunteer landscape designer, a group of about 12 individuals planned and planted a prototype mailbox garden to help beautify the community. Located at the corner of Celebration St. & Festive Private, the garden has received rave reviews from all who have seen it.

Central Park Mailbox Garden Project

The Central Park Garden Club began beautifying neighbourhood “Super Mailboxes” in 2011. The aim is to install and maintain low-maintenance perennial plantings around all the mailboxes in the Central Park neighbourhood at the rate of three or four a year.

How Do I Get Involved?

The club needs people to help with the initial installation of the mailbox garden. Depending on the number of volunteers, it takes about two hours to prepare the site, and three hours to plan. Once the garden is planted, it might need an occasional weeding or watering.

Is it permitted?

All mailboxes are situated on City property. The City Council has approved the mailbox treatments in Central Park for as long as a number of local residents agree to maintain the mailbox gardens in good order.

What is the cost?

There is no cost to local residents. The garden design was provided for free by a local horticulturist. The cost is about $600 in materials for each mailbox. The OCPCA secured donations from Ashcroft Homes for the first four mailbox treatments. Funds will need to be raised for more mailbox treatments.

If you have questions about the Central Park Mailbox Gardens, please contact the garden club at