Executive Board

The Association is made up of community members just like you, and overseen by a Board of Directors composed of volunteers.

The Board is basically the nerve centre of the Community Association. It is the primary point of contact between the community and other individuals, groups, networks and stakeholders across the city. It is also the primary organizing group for activates within and pursued by the community.

If you are interested in filling any of the open positions, please contact the President. Board positions are elected at our Annual General Meeting and require a 1 or 2 year commitment of average of 1 hour of work a week.


The OCPCA is also supported by a large and dedicated group of “Volunteers at Large” who reside throughout the community and provide general support. Volunteers also assist with  individual initiatives as well. The Association thanks all of the community’s volunteers.

We are always looking for volunteers. Please contact the community coordinator to get involved.

Get Involved

All activities of the Community Association are performed by volunteers, and the ability of the Association to effectively operate is dependent on support from the residents of Central Park. Below are ways you can get more involved in our community, and our Community Association:

Become a Member: There are vacancies on the board or you can become a general member of the association.

Become a Volunteer: The Association is always looking for volunteers to assist with a number of activities in the community.

Making a Donation: Whether a resident of Central Park or not, donations are always welcome. You may contact the treasurer or use or online method if you wish to make a donation. Thank you very much!

Donate Now (gofundme.com)